Turbo Air Freezer Condensing Unit TH032LR404A2

Turbo Air Freezer Condensing Unit TH032LR404A2
Item# turbo-air-freezer-condensing-unit-th0320324042

Product Description

Blue anti-corrosion-fin is used to increase the life span of the coil.

Seamless inner groove copper tube is used to increase the heat exchange rate by reducing the space between the fin and the copper tube.

Highest quality compressor in the world.

1 year compressor warranty (4 year extended warranty available).

1 year fan motor and parts warranty.

Head pressure control stabilizes the freezing of liquid line, minimizes formation of flash gas to increase efficiency of the system, and prevents compressor damage by controlling high pressure.

Experienced Engineers have designed the system for maximum efficiency.

Fan Blades : Specifically matched with motors and coil for maximum air movement and cooling.

Control box is designed for easy installation.

Low pressure control is adjustable.

All the parts are compliant with industry standards and interchangeable with readily available parts.

Wiring : Easily accessible. Compressor comes with a wiring harness that is manufactured with connections that will not come loose with vibration.

Control box and service valves are located outside for easy service.

Base : Heavy duty steel. Legs are 2 1/6" tall

Cabinet : Prepainted with galvanized body. Protects against corrosion.

All products carry UL, cUL, ISO 9001 approvals.