American Hand Dryer - Extreme Air GXT Hand Dryers

American Hand Dryer - Extreme Air GXT Hand Dryers
Item# extreme-air-gxt-hand-dryer

Product Description

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Adjustable sound and speed

This new patent-pending technology allows the hand dryer to be adjusted to your preference. This provides the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound. Ideal for sports stadiums, schools or a quiet library.

Universal Voltage

The new EXTREMEAIR can be connected to any voltage from 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60hz.

Antimicrobial-infused air delivery system

Better Hygiene – While all of our hand dryers eliminate paper towel mess, the EXTREMEAIR goes one step further with antimicrobial-infused air surfaces.

New Smart Sensor – Ultra energy efficient microprocessor-controlled sensor turns dryer on when hands are under the outlet and runs for up to 35 seconds. Standby power is only one watt. RoHS compliant lead-free design.

New Longer Lasting Motor – New motor lasts up to 25% longer and is quieter. Produces 5/8 HP. Operates between 14,000 to 24,000 RPM. Automatic resetting thermal protector.

Compact – The new EXTREMEAIR is the most compact hand dryer in the industry. It’s 43% smaller than old “industry standard” high speed hand dryers.

Vandal Resistant – Two tamper proof screws secure the heavy duty vandal resistant cover to the steel base. Motor and heater are inaccessible to vandals. Air intake is shielded for additional safety.

Heating Element (GXT Series) – The heating element has an automatic thermal protector and operates in the black range for maximum life.

Heavy Duty One-Piece Cover Options

• Flame retardant white ABS

• Steel with white epoxy finish (M)

• Steel with black graphite epoxy finish (BG)

• Steel with satin chrome finish (C)

• Stainless steel with #4 brush finish (SS)

5 Year Premium Warranty – Includes same-day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts. For more information view our