Biodegradable Pallet Wrap

Biodegradable Pallet Wrap

Product Description

Available in the following sizes:

Biodegradable Hand Pallet Wrap
Product Code: KCB18150080SW
Roll Width: 18
Roll Length: 1,500
Gauge: 80
Color: Green Tint
Rolls/Case: 4
Weight/Case: 39 lbs
Cases/Pallet: 64 (256 Rolls/Pallet Total)
Pallet Weight: ~2500 lbs

Biodegradable Machine Pallet Wrap
Product Code: KCB20550080SW
Roll Width: 20
Roll Length: 5,500
Gauge: 80
Color: Green Tint
Weight/Roll: 34.5 lbs Rolls/Pallet: 40
Pallet Weight: ~1400 lbs
We ship all across the US and worldwide. Shipped by the pallet or by the container in the Continental US. Shipped Worldwide by the 20' container and/or 40' HQ Container