April Shower APHH-CM Handheld Shower Head

April Shower APHH-CM Handheld Shower Head
Item# april-shower-aphhcm-handheld-shower-head

Product Description

APHH-CM April Shower Euro Hand-Held Chrome Water Filter by NewMarket Naturals

The APHH-CM April Shower Hand-Held Removable Showerhead can serve as a hand-held or a stationary showerhead delivering pure, fresh water that is 98.9% chlorine-free! THE APPH-CM REMOVES CHLORINE, IRON OXIDE, HYDROGEN SULFIDE, AND ALL OTHER TRACES OF SEDIMENT FROM YOUR WATER.With patented Chlorgon technology, the filter of the APHH-CM softens and pH balances the water along with removing impurities. This leads to a reduction of scale build-up on tiles and shower glass, for a cleaner and healthier place to wash! With an adjustable height the APHH-CM accommodates seated showers, children, or taller adults. All of the filtration of a showerhead is placed in the compact, April Shower Hand-Held APHH-CM.


Construction: Plastic Contaminates Removed: Chlorine Contaminates Removed: Heavy Metals Contaminates Removed: Hydrogen Sulfide Contaminates Removed: Iron Oxide Contaminates Removed: Sedment Disposable: No Filter Media Type: KDF-55 (Copper-Zinc) Filter Life: 6 months Replacement Cartridge Type: APHC Includes Extension Arm: Yes Massage Option: Yes